Breakthrough Conference Day Two

From Missionaries Elvin and Lesley,

Greetings from Liverpool, England –

Lesley and I were impacted powerfully by Calvary Commissions Breakthrough conferences in the 90’s and they are the main reason we have worked in prisons and inner cities in Europe for the past 9 years.

We are heading back to the Balkans at the first of the week and will be believing that your prayers will take us to those that need help and hope in the coming year.

God Bless – Elvin, Lesley,Ethan & Grace

Breakthrough Conference Day Two

The morning session opened with a powerful testimony from The Refuge Church of Lima Peru with Chrissy Ferguson sharing the excitement of the growth of the children’s Church ministry there in Lima. They were very thankful for all the school supplies, the clothing and the other physical needs that were met by various donating Churches and God’s people. They were able to help many single mom families of the Church and also help children get back to school with supplies.

Valerie Rivera also gave a report of the growth of the Church body there in Lima Peru. She also preached a strong Word from the second chapter of Acts. She preached from the standpoint that the Church of Acts is our model for the Church today. She stressed that the same attributes of steadfastness, unity, love, and fellowship were key ingredients for a healthy Church to be effective in God’s hands. She stated that a true disciple should be seen by serving the Lord with gladness and singleness of heart. There should be true fellowship with God first and then with others and this would lead to true fellowship with the Spiritual family. It was an awesome blessing to see the celebration of the 5 year anniversary that the Church experienced this year and also the expectancy of growth and community impact in the next 5 years.

Pastor Alejandro Blanco shared a powerful message of how God’s mercy and love delivered the van load of youth from certain death. Even in the midst of this great tragedy they experienced even a greater depth of God’s love, healing, and faithfulness. From the very first hour of the accident, there was a continual report of miracles and God’s hand of help being shown through the Church body. There was a greater revelation to all the van riders that God truly has a purpose and a destiny for their lives. He again shared the great need for married workers to be house parents for the children at the Josiah and Bethany Children’s home. There is a real need for helpers to come and be able to spend the much needed time to help raise the children.

The entire audience then walked outside to the groundbreaking for the new Student Life Center Building. It was a literal ground breaking with a dozier driven by a ministry friend, Leo Renterias, who has pledged to prepare the site for the new building. As he started the motor, we lifted up praise to the Lord who will supply the need for the completion. The steel building is on order and Mike Adams has committed to pour the foundation. We have to get the plumbing and pad ready in the next few weeks.

Dr. Joe Fauss and Tina Hill presented an exciting new building project that is taking place at The Refuge in Elkhart, Texas. Frank Graham, from the Chapel of Hope Ministries, is working alongside of Calvary Commission to erect a multi-purpose dormitory, retreat, and education center. This is a giant step forward to help expand the bed space available for The Refuge and also provide an opportunity for spin-off retreats and ministries.

The Zambian Vocal Group presented and enjoyable concert that focused solely on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The audience responded with fervency in their interaction and was an enjoyable time for all. One of the highlights was to be able to see Marty Thomas, Dr. Joe Fauss, and Glenn Clark with the best of their abilities try to dance alongside the Zambian Vocal Group. The night was closed with an acapello worship song to the Lamb of God who took away the sins of the world.

.Ground 1Ground 2Ground 3ZVG

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